Australian Adventure Day 4: Crocodile Rocking

I don’t know if I’m just getting lucky with this amazing weather or this is really how nice it is right before Australia’s winter. Beautiful blue skys and nice and warm!

Today I decided to go to the “Wildlife Sydney” which was the third and final part of the 3some tickets I bought for the main Sydney attractions. Let me just say this: I finally got to see a saltwater crocodile in real life! (not wild unfortunately, but I’m hoping that will change by the time I’m done in Australia!!) It was amazing to see all of the “deadliest” snakes and spiders and even birds that exist in Australia’s wilderness! And of course the adorable wallabies and kangaroos! (Yes I wanted to steal a joey but again I’m waiting to see them in the wild ;))



Later that night, Kristina and I decided to go to a local bar and have some drinks and have a little fun! We stayed out a little late and passed out the second we got back to the hotel room!

Only one day left in Sydney!! Can’t believe how fast this is going!

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