Australian Adventure Day 1: Flying


So the day is finally here! My flight left Myrtle Beach at 11:30 am and got to Atlanta right on time. Such a short flight compared to my next ones. And the plane is CRAZY small too! Only 2 by 2!


The weather in Atlanta is pretty nasty. When I first boarded the plane to come to Atlanta, the people behind me were talking about how they were worried that their flight was going to get canceled! My flight ended up only getting delayed about an hour. I don’t know what it is, but every time I’ve gone through Atlanta something goes wrong!


While I was waiting, I caved and got some food. Word to the wise, and it’s probably common sense, but don’t buy food at airports. The price of things is INSANE. For a simple salad, it was like $13… trust me. That salad wasn’t worth that.

The flight from Atlanta to LAX was a bit longer, around like 4 hours. This plane was obviously a little bigger and I had the joy of sitting between two people in the center aisle. Luckily it was a nicer gentleman that talked mostly about his kids, and a neurologist doctor who was working on a presentation the entire time.


The one thing that I didn’t like about this flight though was the fact that all the food that was offered, you had to PAY for. Like yeah we got one thing of pretzels the whole flight but besides that, nothing. But HEY if you wanna pay 9 dollars for a tiny cheese and cracker tray be my guest. IMG_0043

Once I landed in LAX, I again had a few hours before my flight to Sydney departed. Unfortunately I landed in a terminal that only had one food option, and that was a bar/grill. I ended up having a jameson ginger before my flight to hopefully get me a little tired.


My flight to Sydney was on a very expected LARGE plane. But what was very unexpected was the fact that the plane was near empty. But this meant that I got an entire row to myself! Which was GREAT. I was able to completely sprawl out across the 3 seat aisle and I slept for a good 8 hours!


More updates to come once my first official day in Sydney is over!

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