Our Trek Back to Ireland!


After officially leaving the Seychelles we finally made it to Ireland! Two long flights, a lot of time waiting in airports and barely making our flight in Abu Dhabi we landed in Dublin, what a difference! Though it’s been sad to leave the place we’ve been living in for two months we are excited to explore even more before our return home!


Right when we stepped off the plane we knew we were far away from the Seychelles, the 30 degree difference definitely changes things! We took a bus into Dublin city centre and realized we had over 5 hours before we could check into our hotel so we had some time to burn!
We walked around the city a bit before deciding to go to Kilamahain Gaol, an old prison in Dublin. It was a place we tried to go to in our last trip but didn’t have enough time so we were excited to finally see the inside of the jail! The history was amazing and the tour was awesome and informative!


Afterwards we could finally check into our hotel and we were amazed by the little things like a fully functioning bathroom with hot water and a huge bed! After living so simple for two months having commodities like that is amazing!
Now we are preparing for our few days we have in Ireland and can’t wait to travel around just a little bit more before our return home!


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