Our 8th and Final Week in the Seychelles


Our final week has come and gone and it’s crazy to think 8 weeks ago we were just starting our journey and now we’re getting ready to leave! This trip has been full of learning experiences that we will never forget. From helping the conservation on the island move forward through surveys and censuses to meeting people from all over the world and even just learning to live not only in a different country but the lifestyle changes of living in an old leper colony with an off the grid solar power system and toilets that don’t flush. The memories and learning experiences make this trip worthwhile in every way possible. Though it hasn’t all been fun and games, the hard work and tough experiences we’ve all been through, it all pays off and makes the journey an adventure, not a vacation.

This week, for our last week, we finally had our Charity Challenge in which we organized and raised almost $500 for the SSPCA here in the Seychelles! Not to mention the awesome fun games we got to participate in! We all painted ourselves in our team colors and ran around the island facing off in different challenges. We then had a volleyball tournament followed by a trivia night and when all said and done the yellow team came out victorious, but we all still got champagne and candy.

We also did a final hike of Mt Curieuse and got to see more amazing views of the island one last time! Though the hike can be a rough one the views make it well worth it.

Now we are finishing up our packing and getting ready for the next leg in our trip that will take us to Ireland before finally returning home!
Though the goodbyes will be bittersweet and we feel like we could stay even longer the return home will be welcomed.
Overall our experience here in the Seychelles will be one not forgotten and we hope we were able to share a part of our journey with you.
Tomorrow we leave for Ireland and after a couple long flights we will be far far away from the place we called home for the last 2 months but ready to begin the next step in our trip!

One thought on “Our 8th and Final Week in the Seychelles

  1. Thank you for sharing your adventures of the past 2 months. We have SO enjoyed hearing and seeing just a small portion of what all you have been up to ! We look forward to —-“the rest of the story” (as Paul Harvey would say). And that was a beautiful final message from the Seychelles. Love you both !!!!


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