Seychelles Week 7!


Seven weeks already? It’s hard to believe that there is only a week left for us in the Seychelles when it seems like we just arrived. As the last month comes to an end we still find ourselves busy while we continue to organize the fundraising event for next week along with finishing up all of the surveys for the month.
This week we spent a lot of time on turtle walks, whether it be excavating nests that have already hatched or marking a new nest from the tracks left in the sand we kept busy! We visited Anse Badamier, one of the “best” beaches in the Seychelles, on Wednesday to excavate a few turtle nests, along with capturing some really good views!

We also found ourselves some spare time to construct a raft similar to the one Tom Hanks makes in the movie Cast Away! Surprisingly it floated alright and it’s safe to say we were all proud of our creation.

We also had the opportunity to see not only turtle hatchlings while on a long turtle walk, but some other Curieuse wildlife like hermit crabs, tortoises, and a praying mantis!

Lastly yesterday we had the opportunity to head over to Praslin to assist a local organization called TRASS, in helping them build a greenhouse and clear space for a plant nursery to grow more native plants to plant across Praslin. They are a small group of locals who are trying to revegetate areas of the island that are bare due to forest fires. It was really cool to be able to help some of the local people along with getting filmed and making Seychelles National TV!


With only one week left we look forward to the busy days to come along with our final experiences here in the Seychelles. It’ll be a bittersweet goodbye but all of the priceless memories and pictures we’ve gained will stay with us forever!


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