6 Weeks of Living in the Seychelles

Though saying we’ve been living here for 6 weeks already sounds crazy, it has all gone by so fast. From our first step on our Island, Curieuse, to now, it seems as if that was only a short while ago. So with 6 weeks done and only 2 weeks to come we look forward to all the time we have left and the journeys ahead.

This week on Curieuse we kept busy with Lemon sharks, Coco De Mers, turtle nests, and bird surveys. Finally after a dry spell, the group caught a few shark pups to measure and tag!

One of the hardest, but really fun surveys, measuring Coco De Mer’s, was also a highlight this week. There’s nothing like hiking through the jungle on a mountain early in the morning climbing trees!

We also got the chance to snorkel off off Anse Lazio, one of the best snorkeling sites in the Seychelles, and saw sea turtles, sharks, and a countless number of fish!

After a long week we all pitched in on Friday night in cooking a delicious BBQ dinner with freshly caught fish, garlic flatbread, potato salad and an awesome cake dessert. Our resources may be limited but that doesn’t stop everyone from making a delicious meal! image

So after a busy sixth week we greatly appreciate some much needed rest but can’t wait to be back at it again next week! With only a couple of weeks left we can’t wait to see what else there is to be done, we only hope it doesn’t all go by too fast! Thanks for checking out our blog and our journey and we will do our best to keep everyone updated in the weeks to come!

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