Week 5 Already?


After another busy week on Curieuse full of surveys and hard work we finally have some time to update everybody on our journey!
This week a new group of volunteers joined us and it’s been a great time getting to know new people from all over the world! And of course teaching everyone previous base traditions was a must like our daily sessions of intense volleyball.
This week we also both had the opportunity to organize a survey day and then lead volunteers and successfully complete a survey, which was more work than we thought! From planning when and where to go to making sure everyone was on the same page we managed to pull it off!


Afterwards we spent the rest of the week on surveys like measuring Coco De Mer, turtle nest surveys, and mangrove salinity tests, or as we call them, mudskips! Though hiking through the rough terrain on the island can be difficult the views are stunning!



And finally this week we began the planning process for a fundraising event we are organizing in 3 weeks to help raise money for the SSPCA or the Seychelles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It is a day full of games and friendly competition in which the group that raises the most money for the SSPCA will get certain advantages throughout the day to give them a better shot at winning an awesome prize! The website is
and has all the information pertaining to the event on March 4th!
So after another busy week with 3 weeks to go we have a lot of experiences here behind us with hopefully many more to come!

One thought on “Week 5 Already?

  1. What a beautiful thing you guys are doing! The picture with the hatchlings put a smile on my face. I remember when I was on the beach, seeing them make their way to the water, for the first time. It’s such a unique, wonderful feeling.


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