Our 1st Month in the Seychelles


It’s hard to believe it’s already been a month that we left the cold and snow of Wisconsin and traveled halfway across the world to the Seychelles. The past month has been full of new experiences and memorable lessons and hopefully we will continue to learn even more over the next four weeks.
This week we finished up a few surveys, before having a going away barbecue on Wednesday for all of the one month volunteers, followed by a camp clean and now the departure of the majority of the group we’ve lived with for the past month.


Last night the staff surprised us and treated everyone to a glass of champagne and music at a perfect viewpoint of the sunset to celebrate the last night for the group! The view was amazing and it was great to celebrate with the group one last time!

Though a few are staying on, us included, there are new volunteers arriving today from all over the world that we are eager to meet!

Overall this month in retrospect has been full of learning experiences and memories we won’t soon forget and we look forward to the next month and all it has to offer!

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