Week 3 Here in the Seychelles !


Week three on Curieuse has come and gone and it’s crazy to think there are another five to come! This week was an eventful week starting off with Carolyn’s 22nd birthday on Monday! After a day full of surveys we celebrated with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for everyone and a giant cookie and a candle for the birthday girl.

Throughout the week we also did multiple surveys on the mangroves, in which we test the soil at certain points for the temperature and salinity to see how it affects the mangrove plants!

We also worked with the tortoises on the island during a tortoise census in which we identify a tortoise, then take various measurements to keep track and monitor the island’s population. Because Curieuse is one of the few places on the planet where giant tortoises live not in captivity, monitoring and documenting how they’re doing is crucial!

On Thursday we were all taken over to Praslin to visit one of the Seychelles’ World Heritage Sites, The Valley De Mai! It contains many endemic species in the Seychelles like the Coco de Mer and the black parrot! After hiking for a couple hours we all packed on to a local bus, as crazy as they are, and made it back to the beach to get back to Curieuse. It was amazing to see and the sites were great!

Friday night was barbecue night and after preparing fries and salad the staff grilled up freshly caught barracuda for everyone!

After some cards, ping pong, and other festivities we ended the week and now have a couple days to prepare for our last week with all of the one month volunteers!

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