Weekend on Praslin!


After a busy first few weeks we had the chance to travel around on one of the main islands, Praslin, for the weekend, to explore the Seychelles even further. After getting dropped of by the project staff early Friday morning we all went out to breakfast at a resort called Paradise Sun, which is a pretty exclusive resort but offers its breakfast for not too much money. After eating more than we should’ve and enjoying the endless choices of food we had the chance to relax by the pool for a bit, use their WiFi, and prepare for the weekend.


After a relaxing morning the other volunteers left to travel around a neighboring Island, La Digue, while we stayed on Praslin for the weekend. After checking into our guest house on the beach, which we were given an awesome deal because we work on Curieuse, we were invited by staff at Paradise Sun to see a local band and dancers that perform for hotel guests but because we were with Gvi and they appreciate what the organization does here in the Seychelles we were invited to come. The celebration was great, with the local band playing while dancers danced by a huge fire. Everyone was invited to join in so we got to have some fun dancing with some of the locals! It was a great experience that we wont forget!


The next day we decided to take the local bus and visit Anse Lazio, a well known beach on Praslin, and Mt Zimbabwe, which has a great view of Curieuse Island. The local buses are crazy with winding roads and barely any space between oncoming traffic but luckily we made it. The beach looked amazing and after a long hike up the steepest roads we’ve ever seen we made it to the top of the mountain and saw the whole Island of Curieuse!



Now we are back at Paradise Sun on our last day off awaiting to be picked up and taken back to Curieuse for another busy week!

4 thoughts on “Weekend on Praslin!

  1. Looks like you guys are having such an awesome experience! Enjoy every minite, cant wait to hear all about it when you return 🙂


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