Week 2 in the Seychelles!


With our 2nd week in the Seychelles coming to an end there is a lot that we have learned and even more that is to come. This week when surveying the island we spent a lot of time on the island’s population of lemon sharks! The mangroves on the island provide the perfect environment for lemon shark pups because of the protection of offers from predators like larger sharks. We spend time attempting to catch sharks using a simple bait and hook to gill nets to catch, record, tag and release the sharks to help gain information to better understand the lemon sharks on Curieuse. Also walking around in the mangroves with stingrays, crabs, and shark pups is really cool to see!

Here is a net outside of the mangroves during the shark surveys.


This week we also spent a day becoming certified emergency first responders! After long videos, training,  and a test of course.

Ronnie pretending to be dead..


Now we are finishing off the week with a weekend on Praslin, getting to explore more of the Seychelles and everything there is to see! So with the 2nd week coming to an end we are excited for the lessons to come and will try to keep everyone updated as best we can!


The view from the top of Mt. Curieuse! So worth it after the challenging hike!


Carolyn in a Coco De Mer, an endemic species in the Seychelles, during a survey!

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