Almost Time To Go!

As we finally come up on our departure date after months of preparing, we couldn’t be more excited! Well, a mix of exciting and anxious emotions. Our official start date is January 10th, but in about 2 weeks we’ll be making the trek to get there. After a couple long flights and nights in airports we’ll finally be in the Seychelles and ready to start. After we arrive at the Seychelles International Airport we have to make our way to one of the pick up points on the island, by taxi, to be picked up by the project staff. Once were with the GVI staff we have to take a ferry over to the island we’ll be staying on, Curieuse, to finally begin our project. Once we’re in the Seychelles we will have occasional wifi, about once every week or two, to hopefully update this blog and keep everyone informed on what we’re up to!

Until then we will keep preparing and once we get closer we’ll start to post our activities so everyone can keep updated on what we’re doing!