Ireland Round 2!

After our time in Seychelles, we’ve decided to spend a few days in Ireland! It made sense since we’re flying through Dublin already, and it actually saves us some money on the flights to stay an extra couple days in Ireland on our way back. Since we will only be there for a couple days, we were looking at just spending some free time in Dublin, maybe spending a day or two traveling around and seeing attractions, but overall just being able to walk around the city and experience more of the Irish culture. The Dublin Pass is a great tool for being able to see many of the great attractions in Dublin which we’ll take advantage of for sure, from the Guinness Brewery to the Kilmainham Gaol the pass has a lot of perks and saves you a lot of money, rather than paying for each place individually! There also are many day trips you can take from Dublin, and since the one place we weren’t able to travel to last time around was a pretty well known spot in Ireland, we’ll be taking a day trip to the Giants Causeway, and even have some time to stop in Belfast in Northern Ireland as well! Hopefully after two months in the Seychelles we’ll be up for some more traveling, but I’m not too concerned with that. 

Until then we’re just continuing to prepare for our time in the Seychelles, 4 months to go!


One thought on “Ireland Round 2!

  1. Sundey I’m going to Belfast and the giants causeway. I’ve heard from other student that is a beautiful tour. And they say that the political tour in Belfast is really good (with the tour operator I’m with you can chose between political tour and titanic museum).

    Another tour really good is the one to the cliffs of moher and galway. I went to the cliffs and Galway last sundey and, even if the weather wasn’t good (cloudy with a little bit of rain), I really enjoyed the tour


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