Don’t Plan Everything!


I was thinking about the concept today of planning ahead. Why does everyone feel like they are in such a rush to get to the future and know ever detail of what that future will look like? What is the fun in that? If you never live in the moment, you’re not really living for anything. If you’re always planning for the future, what is your NOW looking like?

There was a Groupon that I stumbled upon a few days ago that caught my eye. It was called the Mystery Getaway. You pay your money (everything was included; flights, accommodation, and breakfast) but the catch was, you have no idea where you are going. Once you pay your money, you get an email saying where that flight is taking you. That idea sounds so amazing to me. Unfortunately, that Groupon is only valid from the Dublin Airport but it got me thinking: why plan everything? It can help in some situations of course, but I like the idea of spontaneity and the idea of the unknown.

I’m going to feel like a dork for bringing this up, but I was also thinking about the Mary Kate and Ashley Movie where they take a dart and throw it at a map, saying that wherever it lands they will go. I love that idea and plan on doing that! You can’t always be in your comfort zone and plan everything out! Live for the here and now and do whatever feels right. Whatever happens will happen. Don’t sweat it.

“I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth. Then I ask myself the same question.” – Harun Yahya

3 thoughts on “Don’t Plan Everything!

  1. Sometimes planning your future is the only think you can do to realize your dream (for example if your dream is to live and work in a country with strict immigration rules. In this case the only think you can do is planning and working hard to achieve your dreams).
    But sometimes you have to stop this and live for the moment, stop planning and do what you feel is right. Only in this way you won’t regret your life once you will have realised your dreams.


  2. Two friends of ours use this adventure strategy, which works for working people: they block off their vacation time as anyone would, notifying their employer, finding a house sitter, whatever, but don’t plan where they are going until a week or so before vacation time, when they check “last minute travel” deals available thru a trusted tourism aggregator. They ended up on unexpected trips to Caracas, Budapest, wherever. These were full tours – all-inclusive package deals that flew them there, transfers from the airport into the city, and into a hotel, with the week (or so) to spend on their own. (They ignored the guided tour stuff unless it was very appealing). If they didn’t like the hotel, they found another – the last-minute discount made that possible.
    I never did this, but I love the idea of it….


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